Teachers’ experiences of violence in South African:

A Gauteng case study





active and passive violence, schools, teahers, unsafe environment, violence


South Africa is recognised as one of the most violent countries across the globe. School violence against teachers is a common phenomenon at most schools. This ongoing crisis has had a negative impact on the quality of teaching and learning. Schools are no longer a safe environment for teachers. Teachers are exposed to passive and active violence, causing physical and psychological harm. This paper focuses on violence against teachers and its effect on their well-being. This qualitative study explored the lived experiences of teachers who experienced violence at their schools and received no support from school leaders. This study was conducted in one district in the Gauteng Province in South Africa. The author used the Invitational Learning Theory and National School Safety Framework as theoretical lenses, since these frameworks envisaged ensuring that all schools are safe, conducive learning environments. The findings revealed that at least two in every ten teachers experienced some form of violence. The acts of violence were either active or passive; for example, learners threw books at teachers, physically attacked them, swore at teachers, displayed rude behaviour, showed arrogance, and blackmailed teachers. The study recommends that the Department of Education employ rigorous and stricter measures to ensure the safety of all teachers. School leaders should engage with community forums and police services to support them in curbing violent behaviour and protect teachers. Stricter disciplinary actions should be taken against perpetrators of violence.


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Venketsamy, R. (2024). Teachers’ experiences of violence in South African: : A Gauteng case study. Perspectives in Education, 42(1), 162–176. https://doi.org/10.38140/pie.v42i1.7168



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