A framework for integrating social media brand communication in non-profit organisations





Non-profit organisations, Social media, Social media brand communication, Corporate brand, Integrated communication


As competition creates infinite choices, companies look for ways to connect emotionally with customers, become irreplaceable, and create enduring relationships. The continuous search for ways to establish emotional connections and create strong corporate brands could be achieved by the ability to integrate various online and offline communication tools. Given the wide range of communication tools available to connect with stakeholders, organisations must consider ways to combine these in the best possible ways since traditional media will not become obsolete. This article is based on the findings of a quantitative study that identified three broad foundational elements and unique features of a framework to achieve the integration of social media brand communication. The elements and features were empirically tested and verified. Results supported the correlation and a strong positive linear association between the elements confirmed the internal reliability between the sets of features, and indicated strong statistical justification of the combination of the features in the respective elements. By adopting an interdisciplinary focus on the corporate brand, social media, and Integrated Communication (IC), the article proposes a framework whereby the integration of social media brand communication could be attained; thus, promoting a strong corporate brand. The framework incorporates distinct strategic and tactical points at which the coordination of social media brand communication may occur.


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