Continuous publication

Communitas makes use of a continuous publication (CP) model. Articles are published online in their final, citable form with a universal digital object identifier (DOI) as soon as the production process for that article has been completed. Once published, articles are free to view and download in PDF format. The online version becomes the authoritative record. One of the advantages of continuous publication is that peer-reviewed scientific information can be communicated sooner, providing rapid access and quicker citation.


Articles are added in small batches to the current issue of Communitas (available under the “Current issue” tab on the website). Once an issue is closed, the next issue opens immediately. Issues are still run annually.

Table of contents and pagination

The tables of contents are ordered by the publication date of articles. As a consequence of the continuous publication model each article starts with page 1.

Mistakes in articles

Articles published online become the final and complete version of record, which implies that articles cannot be corrected for minor errors. Major errors will result in a second article, with a new DOI and citation details, published as a correction to the first.