A systematic review of the implications for teaching, learning and assessment at South African universities after the Covid-19 pandemic


  • Sfiso Cebolenkosi Mahlaba University of Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Keabetswe Gordon Sekano North-West University, South Africa




Covid-19, higher educational institutions, learning and assessment, pandemic, post-pandemic, teaching, South Africa, systematic review


This paper presents the results of a systematic review of literature, reported in research journals, on the experiences of higher educational institutions regarding teaching, learning, and assessment during the Covid-19 pandemic. Different studies related to the Covid-19 pandemic have been conducted within the South African context, but there has not been a systematic review of these studies highlighting the lessons learned, how these lessons have affected education in higher education institutions (HEIs), and how these lessons can inform future planning. This study aims to summarise literature on teaching, learning and assessment in higher education institutions and to conceptualise possible guidelines for future planning. An analysis of 52 research articles revealed 7 implications for the lessons learnt from the pandemic for future teaching, learning and assessment (TLA) in South African HEIs (realisation of the affordances of technology for TLA, institutional changes related to online TLA during the pandemic, students’ experiences related to TLA, lecturer’s experiences related to TLA, the need for care, assessment related matters, approaches to teaching, learning and assessment) and several recommendations for how these lessons can be leveraged to help HEIs to prepare effectively for future catastrophic disruptions to education in South African HEIs. The discussion shows the digital divide that exists within the South African population and other contextual challenges faced by higher education institutions during the pandemic, and the different sacrifices by both institutions and students to survive the pandemic. Overall, the findings of this review provide valuable guidance for HEIs and stakeholders involved in TLA, offering insights on how to integrate the lessons learned from the pandemic into their future planning and strategies.


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Author Biography

Keabetswe Gordon Sekano, North-West University, South Africa

nGap Lecturer

North West University

Mathematics Education



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Mahlaba, S. C., & Sekano, K. G. (2023). A systematic review of the implications for teaching, learning and assessment at South African universities after the Covid-19 pandemic. Perspectives in Education, 41(4). https://doi.org/10.38140/pie.v41i4.6181



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