The influence and value of science and technology in the education systems of South Africa and Russia




Technology, Education systems, South Africa, Russia, Science and technology, BRICS


The aim of this study was to identify the influence of technology on the education systems of South Africa and Russia. The study has brought to light the importance of technology, and that it contributes to the increase of quality of education. The correct application of relevant technology in education can be used as valuable support to education delivery, it can stimulate creativity, contribute to the development of higher-order cognitive thinking skills, assist learners to develop technological skills and finally it can help economic growth in the country. Moreover, the study created an opportunity to highlight differences and similarities in the purpose of technology, the access to and distribution thereof, the implementation thereof in classrooms and the challenges in terms of implementing them successfully. By using a comparative method, the researchers had the opportunity to identify gaps in the research for future studies, methods for the implementation of technology and universal challenges, such as the digital divide. This study has provided ample evidence of the value that technology adds if successfully implemented and how much value it can bring towards an education system. This is also the reason why an education system of any country should ensure the sustainability of the implementation of technology in the system. It is important that the education systems of both South Africa and Russia proceed to directly identify and address gaps in their approaches to implementing technology. It is also important for these countries to release more relevant data and policies regarding this topic, specifically in education. Although the role of the BRICS organisation is identified as the science and technology innovation (STI) initiative, there are no clear indicators in policy documents or references to technology in education. Moreover, looking specifically at the BRICS countries, it is clear that they have made strides in addressing such challenges as stipulated in the literature. To conclude, this research can be used to further address the challenges and limitations that were identified in the study in order to assess the future impact of technology on an education system.


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Maree, N., & Vos, D. (2021). The influence and value of science and technology in the education systems of South Africa and Russia. Perspectives in Education, 39(4), 27-42.



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