Remote learning as an option by resilient English teachers in Gauteng resource-constrained secondary schools




Digital literacy, Digital platforms, E-learning, Resource-constrained schools, Remote learning, Teacher resilience, TPACK, Township schools


In literature and education policies, the teaching of English using remote learning strategies is recommended, but for the most part, teachers are not pedagogically capacitated to teach their respective subjects using technology in South Africa. To explore the experiences of such teachers, this study sought to understand the models and pedagogical initiatives on the teaching of English through remote teaching and learning. Emergency remote teaching by resilient English teachers is an intervention project for resource-constrained secondary schools in South Africa including the period after the Covid-19 outbreak. Circumstances leading to the use of remote learning strategies include lack of access to intellectual and material resources in some schools in Gauteng. An interpretive, qualitative case study was undertaken to explore how teachers use remote learning strategies in teaching English as a second language in township secondary schools. Data were collected using semi-structured interviews (phone calls) and document analysis. Data were analysed using an inductive thematic framework to answer the key research questions. Teachers’ voices, actions and documents on the use of remote learning strategies were collected for analysis yielding themes and patterns. Findings of the study indicate that collaboration, networking, social media communication and other digital literacy practices are teacher initiatives leading to the utilisation of digital connection platforms for socialisation, teaching and learning. The use of distance learning, blended learning, mobile learning and online learning as strategies in times of crisis and in resource-constrained environments help learners and teachers to achieve their outcomes.


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Rwodzi, C., & De Jager, L. (2021). Remote learning as an option by resilient English teachers in Gauteng resource-constrained secondary schools. Perspectives in Education, 39(3), 62-78.



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