Dynamics of Social Media Metrics and Fashion Subculture Among South African Young TikTok Users





marketing communication, brand communication, Generation Z, social media, social media metrics, fashion sub-culture, TikTok


The effect of TikTok globally has resulted in an increase in literature pertaining to the platform. Despite wide acknowledgment in social media, TikTok metrics and how they formulate fashion sub-cultures remains underexplored. This study explored TikTok metrics that resultantly formulate fashion subculture amongst Generation Z (Gen Z) TikTok users. The proposed conceptual framework was developed to assist marketing managers explore fashion subculture interest via various TikTok metrics. This research followed a qualitative approach. Data was collected through structured interviews, using convenience sampling among five Gen Z participants. Thematic analysis procedure was adopted and findings revealed that engagement metrics indicate strong potential in enabling fashion subculture among TikTok users. Furthermore, metrics enabled Gen Z users to discover fashion subculture content through hashtags, engagement in social exchanges through likes and comments, store digital fashion inspiration through saves and spread information through shares. These findings also allow for future studies to explore the limitation(s) phenomenon highlighted in this study. Recommendations were provided for fashion brands and practitioners. As this research suggests, can result in more refined trend analysis procedures as well as applicable direct marketing strategies through TikTok.


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