Professional learning by mathematics teachers through video-stimulated recall




Reflection, Videos, Professional learning, Mathematics teacher education, In-service education


This article reports on mathematics teachers’ professional learning prospects through video-stimulated recall (VSR), a tool for in-house professional development. Providing timeous feedback to teachers on aspects of their teaching that they should improve are greatly beneficial. Two Mathematics teachers at a rural high school in a province of South Africa, implemented VSR. The research question was: What is the effect of incorporating VSR on the professional learning of these two mathematics teachers? This qualitative study used the conscious competence learning model as its conceptual lens. VSR-related interviews served as data collection instrument. The findings revealed that the teachers reflected differently and on different aspects of their lessons. Their professional learning varied were they adapted their teaching on some of the aspects noticed and one some not/ to a limited extend. VSR put them in the driving seat of their own learning, allowing them to develop professional as noticed through reflection.


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Nel, B. P. (2022). Professional learning by mathematics teachers through video-stimulated recall. Perspectives in Education, 40(4), 152-164.



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