Leading curriculum changes in schools: The role of school principals as perceived by teachers


  • Dr A Van Wyk North West University, South Africa




Change, Curriculum, Leadership, Principals, Readiness for change, Resistance, Schools, Teachers


The purpose of this article is to report on research in schools to determine the views of teachers regarding points of which principals should take into consideration during periods of change in their schools. The research, based on a post-positivist worldview, was quantitative in nature, with one qualitative section. Eight hundred and eighty four teachers from 67 schools formed the sample. Teachers are concerned that the change will render them incompetent in future due to the fact that important aspects are not taken into account when change is led by principals.

Change always has an element of resistance to it which should be taken into account by principals when change is being effected. Taken into account the views of teachers, the effect of resistance could be minimised for effective schools. Principals could be in a better position to steer the changes in schools in the right direction. In the light of the findings of the research, principals will be in a better position to lead the change in schools. The latter will enable teachers to do their work in a proper way to the benefit of the learners and eventually, to the benefit of society.


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Van Wyk, A. (2020). Leading curriculum changes in schools: The role of school principals as perceived by teachers. Perspectives in Education, 38(2), 155-167. https://doi.org/10.18820/2519593X/pie.v38.i2.10



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