A conceptual framework for quality improvement by construction managers in South Africa





construction manager, clients, quality, conformance, quality management systems


Construction managers perspective on quality improvement is important, but there is no framework to expedite it in South African construction. Employing a quantitative survey approach, the survey explored construction managers’ comprehension of quality and engagement with quality management. The objective of this study is to identify the factors that have an influence on project quality, offering insight into the perception of construction managers towards these factors, in order to develop a quality improvement framework for construction managers in South Africa. The analysis, facilitated by SPSS v27, incorporates descriptive and reliability statistics, as well as KMO and Bartlett’s test. The results show that construction managers’ emphasis on quality is pivotal to project success. The research found that construction managers exercise meticulous control over quality by overseeing deliverables for accuracy and flawlessness. This vigilance is achieved through constructability reviews, meticulous planning, seamless organisation, and coordinated teamwork. These results are used to propose a quality improvement framework comprising five categories, namely the construction manager’s understanding of quality; the construction manager’s perspective on quality; the implementation of a QMS; internal and external factors that affect quality, and the benefits of having a skilled construction manager on board. The integration of these five factors within a comprehensive framework empowers construction managers to effectively manage and improve the quality of construction projects. This approach ensures that projects are executed with precision, adhere to industry standards, and meet or exceed client expectations, thereby enhancing the overall success and reputation of the construction management firm.


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Zonda, S. and Harinarain, N. (2023) “A conceptual framework for quality improvement by construction managers in South Africa”, Acta Structilia, 30(2), pp. 1-36. doi: 10.38140/as.v30i2.7455.



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