The use and benefits of Quick Response Codes for construction materials in South Africa




QR Codes, construction industry, construction materials


This article explores the use and potential benefits of Quick Response (QR) Codes on construction materials in an attempt to ensure that the construction industry continues to be more technologically advanced. This qualitative research study consisted of interviews and case studies. A sample of 30 construction material suppliers in the Durban region were purposively selected and interviewed, using a semi-structured interview
schedule. Five case studies were randomly sampled from the Durban region where QR Codes were implemented for selected material samples. Knowledge, experience and the impact of QR Codes on construction materials were examined. The investigation chiefly found that most of the participants are in favour of the concept of using QR Codes, even though these are currently not widely used for construction materials in South Africa. Positive feedback was obtained from those participants who are using QR Codes on products. The findings provided the opportunity to improve the construction materials sector by introducing and implementing QR Codes as a technological advancement in the construction industry. 


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Ramdav, T. and Harinarain, N. (2018) “The use and benefits of Quick Response Codes for construction materials in South Africa”, Acta Structilia, 25(2), pp. 94–118. doi: 10.18820/24150487/as25i2.4.



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