’n Model vir die meting van die bourekenaar se kommunikasievolwassenheid


  • Frank Berry University of the Free State
  • Basie Verster University of the Free State


Communication capabilities


The aim of this article is to describe the identification and measurement of the determinants important for a communication maturity model leading to the development of a communication maturity model to measure the communication capabilities of the quantity surveyor. The survey has been conducted amongst practising quantity surveyors, architects, engineers, clients and contractors chosen from all 9 provinces in South Africa. The questionnaire which was distributed and returned by respondents by email in 2010, was aimed at measuring the importance of the determinants according to the quantity surveying standard. Views on the quantity surveying standard of maturity in communication based on the chosen determinants which forms the communication maturity model for the quantity surveyor in the construction industry were also collected. The results of the survey indicated that respondents identified the following determinants as important elements of the communication maturity model: verbal communication, written communication, contractual communication, information technology communication, leadership communication and instruments communication. The views of respondents regarding the quantity surveying standard in maturity from the chosen determinants which form the communication maturity model, showed that all determinants were positively experienced and that the determinant ‘Contractual communication’ showed the highest valuation result. The determinant ‘Verbal communication’ is in relation to other determinants identified as an area that should be developed.


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Berry, F. and Verster, B. (2012) “’n Model vir die meting van die bourekenaar se kommunikasievolwassenheid”, Acta Structilia, 19(1), pp. 57-70. Available at: https://journals.ufs.ac.za/index.php/as/article/view/122 (Accessed: 20October2021).



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