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  • Das Steyn


In the world of philosophy some of the basic questions are what is man and what is his purpose in life? In planning it was apparently thought that planners work with facts and the scientific method. It was thought that rational man would be able to solve all problems. In 1978 Klosterman wrote an article entitled “The foundations of normative planning” stating that it is not rationality but values that determine planning. Politics decides who gets what, when, where and how. Planning is focused on guiding future changes. On change Castells (1992) wrote his famous article “The world has changed, can planning change?” on what was happening at the time. The most important were, among others, political, economical, technological as well as social changes. The article was written after the fall of communism as a political system, the creation of a global economy, the expansion of information technology as well as the ascent of the feminist and the environment movements.


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