Implementation of the value re-engineering concept in the Nigerian construction industry: Exploratory study




construction industry, implementation, incremental adoption, Nigeria, Value Re-Engineering


Value Re-Engineering (VRE) is considered a critical analysis and radical redesign of existing construction processes to achieve breakthrough improvements in performance measures. The dissatisfaction of customers’ value offered by the Nigerian Construction Industry (NCI) necessitated a rethink of a new approach to the customers’ need. Hence, this article aims to explore the implementation of VRE in the NCI as a possible solution for the industry to resolve the challenges of customers’ dissatisfaction. A qualitative research approach was used to identify incremental adoption for the implementation of VRE in the NCI. Qualitative data was collected, using a structured tick-box questionnaire interview schedule with 34 key stakeholders in the NCI, including seven directors, nine project managers, nine quantity surveyors, and nine engineers. The tick-box interview schedule explored the level of importance of the activities of the implementation process in the eight phases (steps) for VRE take-off in the NCI. Using QSR Nvivo 12 (a qualitative content analysis tool), the tick-box data was given a numerical score, on a 5-point Likert scale, so that the data could be rated and reported quantitatively. This included frequencies and percentages. The exploratory research findings indicate that there is a significant need for the process to be re-engineered and for establishing a VRE organisational structure critical to achieving the successful implementation and adoption of VRE. Other most important activities for the successful implementation of VRE include evaluating the impact of new technologies; monitoring employee attitudes, customer perceptions, and supplier responsiveness, as well as identifying disconnects (anything that prevents the process from achieving the desired results and, in particular, information transfer between organisations or people). Identifying the customers’ needs by the NCI helps create the market value of the product being produced by the industry players. On the other hand, this improves the global competitive market for the industry by adopting the radical redesign process for the industry.


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Jibrin, I. . and Shakantu, W. . (2021) “Implementation of the value re-engineering concept in the Nigerian construction industry: Exploratory study”, Acta Structilia, 28(1), pp. 68-90. doi: 10.18820/24150487/as28i1.3.



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