Putting meaning back into development; or (semio)translating development

  • Kobus Marais University of the Free State, South Africa
Keywords: Translation studies


Studying the relationship between translation and development is a fledgling enterprise. Apart from my own work, a number of postgraduate studies and projects have been attempted in this regard. As the whole of Africa is usually regarded as a “developmental context” or “un(der)developed” (see criticism against this view in Marais & Delgado Luchner, 2018), the sociological turn in translation studies dictates that a debate about the nature and implications of ‘development’ should be high on the agenda of translation studies in Africa. In socio-economic terms, translation in Africa is constrained by a particular developmental context while simultaneously contributing to the development of that context.


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Marais, K. (2020). Putting meaning back into development; or (semio)translating development. Journal for Translation Studies in Africa, (1), 43-58. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.38140/jtsa.1.4331