The influence of clients’ leadership in relation to construction health and safety in South Africa



Behviours, Clients, Construction, Leadership, Health and safety, South Africa


The South African Construction Regulations realise the contributions by each member of a project team to health and safety (H&S) improvement. These Regulations amplify the roles and contributions of clients to project realisation. The tenets of the Regulations conform with the observation that clients’ H&S leadership and behaviours are an effective means of improving construction H&S performance in the industry. This article reports on a study that examined current clients’ leadership approach and expectations in terms of H&S in South African construction. The review of relevant literature provides the platform for the research survey, which was conducted among selected clients of the industry. The findings show that clients’ H&S leadership roles and behaviours have a significant influence on construction H&S performance in South Africa. Findings reveal that unethical behaviour, in terms of procurement and contract awards, is a serious challenge to the improvement of H&S performance in the industry.


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