Inner city decline and the process of revitalisation


  • Andre Jordaan


decentralisation, economic decline, inadequate housing, inner city decline, inner city deterioration, Pretoria inner city decentralisation, traffic congestion, urban decay, urban economics, urban renewal


Inner cities in general, compared to decentralised areas, experience progressive difficulty in surviving economically as a result of various factors, The purpose of this paper is to identify and analyse the factors that have influences negatively and contributed to the deterioration of inner cities in general. Thereafter specific reference will be made to the process of decentralisation within the Pretoria inner city during the past two decades. Although some of these factors are not of an economic nature, they have contributed to the general decline of the inner city, ultimately leading to economic decline and increased decentralisation. The need for urban renewal and the role of local government in this process is then analysed. The article concludes with suggestions to city authorities on how to address inner city decline if increased business activity is to be realised.


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