“Biophilic” planning, a new approach in achieving liveable cities in Iranian new towns – Hashtgerd case study


  • Maryam Ebrahimpour Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
  • Hamid Majedi Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
  • Hossein Zabihi Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran




Biophilic planning, liveability, new town, Iran, Hashtgerd


Urbanization development in Iran has caused increasing critical problems, with the result that there is a need to review urban planning in this country. This article aims to explore the impact of biophilic planning on liveability, with special focus on the role of nature as part of society. The study was done in Hashtgerd, an Iranian new town, where an environmental analysis showed that this town can be developed on the West, North and North-West, due to the natural potential of the area. Based on the literature review and content analysis (selective coding), components of biophilic planning and liveability of new towns have been identified and used to test the opinions of 382 residents in Hashtgerd on biophilic planning and liveability of a new town in Iran. The data from the questionnaire were collected and processed, using SPSS software. The final dependent and independent variables were identified and analysed. Correlation coefficients in the regression analysis were used to analyse the effects on each other between the identified dependent and independent variables. According to the results and findings, urban management (a component of biophilic planning) has the biggest effect in achieving liveable cities. The outcome of the study is crucial for construction and urban planning team members, clients and environmentalists. Another reason, that is particularly relevant to developing countries, is the natural potential and related industries to create beneficial social and economic impacts. 


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Ebrahimpour, M., Majedi, H., & Zabihi, H. (2017). “Biophilic” planning, a new approach in achieving liveable cities in Iranian new towns – Hashtgerd case study. Town and Regional Planning, 70, 1-13. https://doi.org/10.18820/2415-0495/trp70i1.1



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