Call for papers: Special issue June 2023



Special Issue for Journal of Town and Regional Planning / IHSP-SA

Sustainable human settlements, within the realm of climate change, remains the ultimate goal of human settlement activities, whether it is the teaching and education; the design; regulation; implementation; occupation or maintenance of new or existing suburban-; township-; or informal human, or often inhumane settlements. Although human settlement studies is a specialised discipline it is also a generalist-; public-; private-; collective and individual activity that excludes no one and includes our entire living environment.

Within the complex South African diversity of natural and cultural environments, the rapid and accelerated response to existing, emerging and unexpected delivery of housing opportunities; access to basic services; more efficient land use; and an improved property market is key to both long term resilience and ongoing sustainability. Covid-19 has emphasized certain social injustices; inequalities; and divisions, while also introducing the use of technology. Despite smart cities and innovative building technologies becoming topical, informal settlements and owner- built houses are very much prevalent if not the norm in urban and rural landscapes of the developing world.

The above expressions reflect realities and opportunities epitomised by our towns and cities. Given the afore-mentioned background the Institute of Human Settlement Practitioners of South Africa is making a special call for manuscripts from academics, scientists and practitioners across the world in housing/ human settlements research to address the subject of sustainable; resilient and equitable human settlements in the developing world, for a Special Journal Issue titled: Future Developing World Human Settlements, with the following thematic areas:

Women, youths, children, and the city/city regions

Migration and planning

District development models

Safety and access to public spaces in the city/city regions

Environmental inequality and justice

Recreational spaces in the city configuration

Infrastructure deficit and access within the city/city regions

Informal settlements in the city spaces

Backyard and small-scale rentals

Innovative/alternative building technologies and human settlements

Urban liveability and the challenges of social inclusion

We are hereby inviting both scholarly articles as well as review articles (papers that have a

strong practical implementation aspect) on the mentioned topics.

Provisional timelines for writing:

Submission deadline: Draft papers: 31 January 2023

Papers under review: Feb-March 2023

Comments send to authors: March-April 2023

Author revisions of peer-reviewed papers: May 2023 (two weeks)

Special issue published: June 2023

More information on the journal and guidelines on the formatting of papers can be found on the journals' webpage or in the guidelines to authors


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