'n Kontekstualisering van paradigmas in die Afrikaanse filmbedryf en die daarstel van 'n ideale Afrikaanse filmargief binne 'n Suid-Afrikaanse konteks


  • Anthea van Jaarsveld University of the Free State, South Africa




Archiving industry, Afrikaans film history, Afrikaner nationalism, Socio-political exclusivity, Cultural-historical discourse, Argiefwese, Afrikaanse filmgeskiedenis, Afrikanernasionalisme, Sosio-politieke eksklusiwiteit, Kultuurhistoriese diskoers


The article aims to serve as a basis for the critical evaluation of the current position of the Afrikaans film industry within the larger South African context. Against the background of a long-standing problematic South African socio-political history, the obstacles and challenges in the industry are discussed. The ultimate purpose of this article is an exposition of issues related to the conservation of the entire Afrikaans film heritage in an effort to reflect on the possibility of a comprehensive and accessible film archive in view of future research possibilities. Important conclusions can be drawn about the influences of political considerations in certain periods in a country’s history; economic considerations; as well as social sentiments of the community and/or the government at a given time. Given today’s archival practices, the apparent peripheral factors mentioned play a decisive role. It largely influences the way in which archiving is approached. This article focuses on gaps and problems identified within the industry. These include: the limited amount of material available due to the specific exclusivity of the Afrikaans film history; the attachment to certain selective Afrikaner themes; the fragmentary archival system; and finally, the availability and accessibility of material to the public. The outline of the existing gaps and problems presents ample opportunity for the possible structuring of a workable Afrikaans film archive. Ultimately, in this article an attempt is made towards a proposed ideal Afrikaans film archive for the future.


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