On being uniquely human in the world: a reflection on the contributions of J. Wentzel van Huyssteen


  • H. Musa Stellenbosch University


Imago Dei, J. Wentzel van Huyssteen, Human beings


This article recognises the suspicion and tension between theology and modern science as two distinct areas of discipline. In this instance, the contributions of J. Wentzel van Huyssteen are taken seriously, in order to illustrate how a bridge has been constructed instead of a separating wall between these disiplines. Van Huyssteen spent his life in the pursuit of the love of life and the uniqueness of being human in the world. He used an interdisciplinary approach to stimulate the interface between theology and modern science. Van Huyssteen’s life and work have revolutionised the discussion on human life, the origin
of religion, the quest for religion, and the constructive sense of rationality and spirituality as important ways of understanding the meaning and function of human uniqueness in terms of the reality of the image of God (imago Dei) in human beings. This article was initially meant to celebrate Prof. van Huyssteen’s 80th birthday on 29 April 2022. Now it remains a token of appreciation in memory of his admirable life and lasting legacy.


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