SPLUMA: A Practical Guide by Adv Nic Laubscher, Lizette Hoffman, Dr Ernst Drewes & Jan Nysschen

  • Stuart Denoon-Stevens University of the Free State, South Africa


This represents one of the first comprehensive attempts to dissect the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act (SPLUMA) and to examine all of its constituent parts. As such, the book is structured using the act, with each chapter of SPLUMA having a corresponding chapter in this book. The intent of the book (seemingly) is to provide a practical day-to-day guide on how to interpret SPLUMA. It attempts to achieve this through showing how the different sections of SPLUMA should be interpreted given the relevant case law, as well as the linkages to other legislation, in particular, the Municipal Systems Act. In terms of case law, more than 150 cases are cited, and in terms of legislation, more than 120 pieces of legislation are mentioned. Noting this, this is clearly an exhaustive review of existing thinking on planning law in South Africa.


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