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Martin Meyerson (1965) discussed what is needed for a profession to be a profession in his well known article Building a middle- range bridge for Comprehensive Planning. It includes the determination of a certain need of knowledge in society, the establishment of organisations and the organising of conferences to provide in the need, the beginning of university education, the development of a unique vocabulary, as well as a specialised institution to register this new profession. One of the characteristics of a profession is that it has a journal that supports the profession. The history of Town Planning shows the interaction between the education of professional persons and the necessity to have such a magazine. Patrick Abercrombie taught town planning for the first time in 1909 as a university programme at Liverpool. He also started the first journal for this new profession that year named Town Planning Review. In the USA town planning higher education started in the same year in Harvard, but the first American professional journal only appeared later.


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