Is die essentialia van die vennootskap ondergeskik aan die bedoeling van die partye? ’n Oorsig oor die Suid- Afrikaanse reg

  • E. Snyman-Van Deventer University of the Free State, South Africa
  • J. J. Henning University of the Free State, South Africa


When determining the existence of partnership, it is necessary to establish whether the essentialia of a partnership are present. However, apart from the essentialia, the intention of the parties is regularly referred to and it is stated that the intention of the parties shall be conclusive, even in the presence of all the essentials. This article will attempt to illustrate that only the essentials are determinants for the existence of a partnership and that the intention of the parties can only refer to the intention to comply with the essentialia. The essentialia of partnership are: the making of a contribution by each partner; the business must be conducted to the joint benefit of all the parties; and the objective of the partnership should be to make and distribute profit. Although the essentials of the partnership seem cut and dried at first glance, the whole issue is clouded by a series of court rulings in which a further requirement, viz. the intention of the parties to create a partnership was added to the essentials by reference to contrary evidence that the agreement between the parties may not be a partnership agreement. With all due respect, this view cannot be concurred. The question that has to be asked is if the intention referred to is the intention to comply with all the requirements of the partnership or the intention to specifically create a partnership?


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