Die ontoereikende beskerming van sekswerkers in die Suid-Afrikaanse reg, gesien teen die agtergrond van geweld waaraan hulle blootgestel word


  • R. Botha University of the Free State, South Africa


This article has as its focus the presence of violence in the life story of every sexworker as well as the attendant problems. Most sexworkers experience violence (from their clients or their pimp) on a daily basis in the pursuit of their presently illegal occupation. The fear of prosecution prevents these workers from reporting violence-related offences committed against them. This currently leaves sexworkers in a precarious position where they have to rely on their own, self-created precautionary measures against violence, which up to now have proven to be highly unsuccessful. By means of statistical information and a review of some violence-related incidents, it is the author’s intention to highlight this problem and to recommend the decriminalisation of prostitution in South Africa as the only feasible solution.


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