’n Verkenning van die soorte vennootskappe in die Amerikaanse reg

  • J. E. Snyman-Van Deventer University of the Free State, South Africa
  • J. J. Henning University of the Free State, South Africa


This article briefly comments on the various types of partnerships encountered in American law. The types of ordinary as well as extraordinary partnerships are identified. Ordinary partnerships are only analyzed to the extent that they differ from the standard ordinary partnership. In American literature reference is made to the mining partnership, the family partnership, the partnership in real estate and the farming partnership. This differentiation is primarily based on the type of business with which the partnership is concerned. However, the mining partnership and the farming partnership differ from the ordinary partnership in a number of ways, and, as a result of their unique attributes, are discussed in detail. A brief discussion of the types of extraordinary partnerships is necessitated in order to highlight their differences. The limited partnership is discussed briefly and only the main characteristics are named.


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