Nuwe lig op die omstrede Breaker Morant-geval - 'n herverhoor na honder jaar. 'n Postmodernistiese benadering

  • Louis Changuion Universiteit van die Noorde, Suid-Afrika


On 27 February 1902 the two highest ranking officers of the Bushveld Carbineers, an Australian unit, lieutenants Breaker Morant and Peter Hancock, were executed in Pretoria. They had been found guilty on the charge of murdering unarmed Boers who wished to surrender. Since then several books on the event were published and a film produced. There is still controversy about the Breaker Morant incident.
As part of the commemoration of the Anglo-Boer War the Pietersburg branch of the Central Commemoration Committee held a mock trial The accused were once more found guilty as charged and the audience, except for a few Australians who were present, agreed with the decision. Two of the descendants of the German missionary who had witnessed the incident and was killed a day later, also made contributions.


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