New Testament exegesis in theory and practice: the various stages of the exegetical programme

  • A. B. du Toit University of Pretoria
Keywords: Exegetical programme, Text demarcation, Textual criticism, Foregrounding, Metaphors, Hyperbolical contrasts, Intertextuality, Hermeneutics, Teksafbakening, Tekskritiek, Fokalisering, Metafore, Hiperboliese kontraste, Intertekstualisteit, Hermeneutiek


The various stages in the exegetical programme include preliminary selection of a passage, first close reading, demarcation, textual criticism, determining the real world context, the literary type, the place of the micro-text within its macro-structure, analysing the structure of the micro-text, detailed analysis, formulating the message for the first readers, guidelines for understanding the text’s message for today and (optional) a translation. Lexico-grammatical, literary and semantic criteria for text demarcation are presented. Under detailed analysis a new linguistic tools, metaphors, Semitic influence and intertextuality are discussed.


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