Remarks on the church in the consumer society: similarities and dissimilarities

  • L. O. K. Lategan Central University of Technology
Keywords: Ministry, Consumer society, Preaching, Bediening, Verbruikerskultuur, Prediking


The church cannot escape the influence of the consumer society. The influence of the consumer society is often viewed as negative although it can have many positive influences on the buildingĀ  and growth of the church. The consumer society reminds the church that, although the message of the church cannot change, the style of church services can. Pastors should make it clear that theĀ  gospel message is not a product for sale; however the gospel message should be directed at the needs of people. This article outlines the influence of the consumer society on the church. The article also outlines the similarities and dissimilarities between the church and the consumer society. It concludes with guidelines on how the church can bring its gospel message regardless the dominant influences of the consumer society.


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