General considerations for publication

Papers submitted to Acta Academica will only be considered for possible publication if the author(s) have certified in writing that the paper in question is not under consideration by another journal, and will not be submitted to such a journal until and unless a final, written rejection decision from the present journal has been received. Acta Academica will not consider publication of more than one article per author per year.

Papers submitted to the journal must ensure that the existing relevant literature is appropriately and fairly cited; in this respect, efforts should always made to ensure that reference is made to the first report of a finding or conceptual insight rather than a later elaboration.

The journal indicates in all cases the date of reception of the manuscript and the date of acceptance by peer review.

As far as possible Acta Academica strives to publish full-length research articles. The journal aspires to the highest quality in its layout and language editing practices. However, should errors be found in an issue, an appropriate errata will be published in the next issue.